Every woman needs
holistic self care that’s simple and easy

However, self care is not something we’re taught in school or even in our adult lives. Self Care is a personal journey and it means something different to each individual. It’s important to understand how to build a self care routine that is simple yet fills your soul wholesomely. 

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Self Care Made Easy

Looking to build a self care routine that is pratical and easy?  In our sessions we discuss various ways to incorporate self care into your life. We work with you to make ensure the self care routine is simple, fits your budget and does not stress you out. Our sessions help you identify the blocks you may be experiencing and teach you practical skills on how to remove those blocks

Identifying The Blocks

We use a chakra meditation to identify the blocks you may be experiencing. These spiritual blocks could manifest either physically or emotionally. Identifying the source of your blocks is the first step on your healing journey

Shadow Work

Shadow work is the practice of dealing with those parts ourselves which we usually do not confront. This is important on your healing journey. It’s not always dark as the name implies but it is a tough part of the journey. Having someone guide you through this phase is important

Become Your Own Healer

Using tools that are readily available to you, we help you develop an holistic healing pratice that you can do anywhere, anytime for yourself.

You are 
your best healer

The best healer in the world for you is yourself. We will guide you on how to work through your chakra blocks to heal yourself holistically. Once you have healed yourself, you then focus on healing others if you so wish

Healing Meditation

Listen to this free healing meditation as the first step to your personal healing journey. You can download the meditation and use it whenever you need protection, grounding and guidance

Free Healing Meditation

Choose your plan

Healing can take place in many ways, choose an option that feels most comfortable for you. If you would like to work in a group of people you trust, then you’re welcome to do so. If you feel more at ease in a private session, that’s a good option too

Sessions are scheduled as per the calendar link given below each options and payment details will be communicated once session is confirmed


$20 or
20 Euros 
  per person
  • 2-3 people in the group
  • 45 minute session
  • Pre-session information sent to all
  • Post session follow up
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$100 or
100 Euros
  • Book 3 sessions in advance
  • Schedule your sessions on your time
  • On standby support
  • Bonus complimentary private session for friend or family member
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I did not come here to teach you,
I came here to love you
Love will teach you