Lengana / uMhloyane / Artemisia Afra


Lengana / uMhloyane / Artemisia Afra

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Artemisia Afra stems from the name Artemis, the Greek Goddess of wild animals and vegetation, “afra” means from Africa
The dried herb is usually boiled/steeped to make a tea.
The benefits include:
– Blood purification to relieve acne and boils.
– Relief of the symptoms of colds and flu
– Relief from headaches, coughs, fever, earache
– Anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, pain-relieving – wormwood dressing of hot leaves bound over sprains, arthritic and rheumatic swellings.
– Tea is known to disinfect cuts and grazes.
Lengana / African Wormwood / Umhloyane. Dried and cut as per traditional method.

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