My Love, You Are So Loved

My Love, You Are So Loved


Please notice the messages and signs that are being sent to you at this poignant and sacred time. You are receiving accurate messages from the Universe. All is not as it may appear. Higher processes are at work inside you and around you.

My love, you are so loved. Even if everything feels out of control, so ruined, so broken down. Even if you feel alone, please know that you are not: you are surrounded by Divine Love.

Better, better, better days are coming.

Incredible, awe-inspiring, magical, exquisite, soul-rocking, heart-exploding, spirit-ascending days are on their way to you.

This is beyond your mind’s understanding. It is beyond what has happened in your past. The script is being re-written. The days of mediocre existence, of feeling half-dead and drowned, of being disconnected from your heart – those are fading rapidly.

You are in the process of profound and radical rebirth. You are being redefined, reconfigured, redeveloped.

Your Soul’s Light is flooding down into your energy centres like a non-stop tidal wave of transformation.

You are being connected to the path of Light. Your journey here on Earth is about to transfigure. It is about to take a significant detour – a route that you had no idea even existed.

Everything may feel wrong, but in Divine Truth, your life has never been so right.

You are meeting with your Soul, and it is blending with your entire being and drawing you closer towards a life that you didn’t even know you were allowed to live.

You are loved, beyond measure. Can you stand to be loved this much? It is beyond your own expectations and standards for yourself. It is a love that can only be defined through the language of the Gods, not the mortal mind.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

I Love You.

Yes, you. You are worthy of everything. And here it comes.


-Sophie Bashford.


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