How to make your own smudge sticks

How to make your own smudge sticks

I’ve used smudge sticks before made from imphepho (local sage like plant from South Africa) but never really was drawn to them. Lately, I’ve been growing my own plants and connecting with nature as part of my self care routine, I’ve also been seeing more information pop up (thank you algorithms) on smudge sticks. I’ve seen some look really beautiful and floral, I was like… hold up… this are pretty cute. How bout I try make them myself?

It’s actually not that difficult. What I found is most important is that the plants used are home grown and that you understand the meaning of the flower to some extent. I’m not a botanist – I work in tech – so there must be an app for that right? Like a shazaam for identifying flowers. Um, yes it’s 2019, of course there’s an app for that! There’s a good list of plant identifier apps to choose from, I used Picture This which is an app where you can take a picture of the plant and …shazaam! It gives you the name.

My smudge making journey turned into – ooooh… look what we have growing in the garden journey 🙂 And using the app came in pretty handy. Here’s what I collected from the garden.

It’s important to know which plants you’re using because some could have adverse effects such as causing asthma for example. It’s also important that these plants come from your garden so that they are not treated with commercial pesticides (which will take away from the healing effect of burning the plant).

Some great items to use in a smudge are

  • Rosemary for protection
  • Bay leaves for money manifestation
  • Ginger for clearing the air
  • Lavender for calming and soothing
  • Rose for raising the vibration and self love
  • Sage for ancestral messages, clearing the air and healing

In our smudge, we used all of the below from the garden:

{Picture and name of all the plants}

I also added ginger to the mix as well as bay leaves which are our kitchen staples.

For the plants, I sprayed them with a mixture of lavender and blue mountain sage essential oils (since I didn’t have these in my garden) and let them wilt overnight. This helps the tie them all together.

I soaked the cotton rope in rose water over night (coloured with pink food colouring for effect) and used these to tie the plants together. I made a “handle” with some thicker rope which will help the user sage easily.

I added some rose petals to the bunch and let them sit outside for 10 days.

This was the finished product. I gave it as gifts to friends (to get a subjective opinion) – the loooooved it!

Burn it in a room you use often or a room you wish to cleanse. The tradition is to walk around the room in a clockwise position and wave the stick around in circles in a clockwise position as you are walking. You can add your own blessing to the ritual by saying a prayer dear to you or stating gratitude affirmations.


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