How to build your own self care routine

How to build your own self care routine

Self Care Routine
The first time someone asked me about my self care routine was when I was in therapy. The therapist asked me how I do self care and I was like… um, I don’t? We worked through a few ideas on how to make self care manageable – because if you’re stressing about it, well then it’s not self care anymore. And she also explained to me that there are levels of self care you should work in to your life.
The most important component of self care is that it is on your own time, by yourself and in a space where you feel safe. This means even for moms, business women, and women with spouses – there needs to be an outlet that you have just for yourself.
Your self care routine should have three layers:
  • Daily care: something that you can do everyday, this won’t take up too much time (we’re talking 10 minutes or less) and it shouldn’t cost you anything
  • Weekly or bi-weekly care: something that you do at least every two weeks. This will cost some pennies and a but more time, around 30 minutes is a good gauge
  • Monthly or quarterly care: something that takes place at least once a quarter/season or month if possible. This costs a considerable amount (without breaking the budget) and some dedicated time, it could take a full day or longer
Hearing this, the task may seem daunting. How my therapist worked it with me was kind of reverse engineering. She asked me to write down 10 activities that make me feel happy and full without involving anyone else. If I remember correctly, my list included something like: going on a walk, baking, having my nails done, having my hair done and solo travel. She commended me on the list and said it’s a good mix of things a I can do on the daily without it costing anything (going on a walk, for example) and things that would cost something and take up considerable time (solo travel) with a mix of things in between (having my hair and nails done).
It’s worthwhile doing this exercise yourself – write down 10 -15 things that really make you feel happy and organise them into the layers of self care above.
After therapy, I did a lot of work with meditation, initially to relieve migraines which I’d had since 14. The migraines landed my in hospital every year for half my life with no conclusive tests on what caused them. I’d also used everything on the market available and truly, on with meditation was it relieved and I am now going on my second year migraine free which is a major record for me!
I customised my initial self care plan to the following activities
  • Daily: morning meditation (5-10 minutes) outside in direct sun. I use Egyptian Rose Butter to elevate my vibration in the meditation.
  • Weekly: I do a bath with rose bath salts especially on full moon or new moon. I light up some incense, candles and place my crystals and healing stones around the bath. After the bath, I lather my body in bath milk which contains magnesium and rose essential oil. Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin and helps with many factors such as energy levels, anxiety, migraines, regulating insulin and blood pressure. Rose essential oil has the the highest vibrational frequency of any essential oil so adding that to a skin care product helps elevate your overall mood for as long as you have it on your skin.
  • Monthly: I do travel quite a bit, about every second month at least. On these trips, I always take time out in a new country to get to know the local plant life. I try to gather plants from all different regions and understand the spiritual meaning of them. This takes some time to research but I truly do enjoy it
What’s your self care routine? Did you have any challenges with making your list of 10-15 activities to do?


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