Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation

I’ve had vivid and prophetic dreams since I was 14 years old. I always thought this was normal so I didn’t bother to talk to anyone about it. I would often have dreams about someone in the family meeting their death, shortly after this dream, the person would actually pass and very much in the same way I saw in the dream. I would also dream about someone being pregnant before they had told me. This happened on three separate occasion over a few years and every time the person knew they were pregnant on the day I had the dream but they had not told me yet.

Then, I started having more prophetic dreams not related to birth or death. These were especially warnings about someone who would get into trouble. I would talk to the person about my dream and each time it looked like they saw a ghost, no one had an idea of the trouble they were getting into and they were shaken that I had known. The one case was with my brother who started getting into drugs. I have an older brother who has been a drug addict for a long time and I dreamt that the younger one was getting into the same trouble. It seemed really unlikely since the younger brother was always a sweet soul. After I told my mom about the dream – in front of my brother – he got expelled from school for dealing drugs three weeks later.

I’ve learnt over the years how to distinguish between prophetic dreams and symbolic dreams. I’ve also been doing more research on how to interpret dream symbols, when I do them for people, they’re always shocked at how much of their life is revealed in what may seem like a “weird” or strange dream.

We have three types of dreams

1. Working through our thoughts of the day 

For most of us, our dream state is a space where we work through the thoughts of the day. You may even speak in your sleep and have a conversation such as the one you would have with a colleague or family member. Your mind is processing all the day’s activities.

2. Symbolic dream

These are the really interesting dreams, the ones where the symbols seem strange or out of place. Think of purple clouds, pink elephants, etc. These are the dreams an interpreter would find most poignant because here, your mind is revealing somethings that would not typically be shown to you in the waking state. Any dream you remember is a message. As soon as you wake up, if you remember the dream, write it down in a dream journal. If you speak to a therapist or healer, share with them the symbols that come up in your dreams.

Here are some basic dream symbols and what they mean

House – a house represents the person. Pay attention to what is happening to the house. If you dream of your own house, the message is telling you about your own subconscious feelings or things that may happen to you. If you dream of someone else’s house, the dream is telling about them.

Car – represents drive and ambition. Are you in control and in the driver’s seat? Are you veering off track, cannot drive the car well? This is symbolic of your own personal direction

Water – represents spirituality, especially if you are in the water or being led to the water. This means some spiritual cleansing is about to enter your life. Pay attention to other symbols in the water with you.

Dog – represents protection and intuition. Dogs are very sensory and can tell if something is not right, they are also very protective of their owners. This is a good dream omen

Cat – represents spirituality.

Celebrity – the qualities that you admire in the celeb are qualities you either need to work on with yourself or that you have not yet brought to light yourself.

Another person (friend, family member) – other people in our dream are symbols of an attribute that you associate with that person. If you find a person bossy, dream about them may be an indication to get your own bossiness in check or work on your own boss babe skills.

3. Psychic or prophetic dreams

These are of the rarer kind, usually someone who has psychic dreams will be able to tell if it is not one of the above mentioned types of dreams. People who have these dreams also get to learn over time how to use the information given to them in these dreams. If anything is confusing for you, such as how to tell someone who have had a psychic dream about them or how to use the information in these dreams, consult with your healer on the healthiest way to go forward.

Strange dream states

In our dreams, we can sometimes suffer “strange” states.

  • Sleep paralysis

I suffered from sleep paralysis for over 10 years. This is where your mind wakes up before your body. You can hear and sense things in the room but you cannot move. Almost all suffers feel a “presence” in their room when they experience this. With me for example, I could feel someone uninvited in my room but could not turn to look at him or ask him to leave, all I could sense was a dark shadow. This makes the experience very scary because you can not wake up and ask the person to leave. By the time you do fully wake up, you realise it was a dream. It lasts usually for a few minutes but in the dream state it feels like 20 minutes or more and it becomes very scary.

  • Phantom

This is a more severe form of sleep paralysis. In this dream, you feel (and it feels extremely real) that a body falls on top of yours. You will even hear the thud of the body. People who have experienced this say that the body seems to be a man and it also seems to sexually molest them in the dream. My gran suffers from this and I had a client who was a war veteran suffer from it too. It’s scary and you feel very violated afterwards.

Both Phantom and Sleep Paralysis are signs of post traumatic stress disorder. Please consult a healer or therapist if you suffer from these.

A more positive sleep experience can be lucid dreaming, this is where you can train your mind through meditation to be “awake” during the dream and therefor control the dream in some way. You can ask questions in the dream or connect with people in the dream state. I’ve only had this once, it gave me a lot of useful information.

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