About us

What is a Kandake?

Kandake or Kentake was the title for queens regnant of the ancient Kingdom of Kush in the Nile Valley. It is a derivative of Candace, a Meroitic language term for “queen or queen-mother”.

Ancient Greek
Candyce, Candace, Candice, Candis

One of Nubia’s most visible contributions to Western Christianity is the name Candace.
We get it from the New Testament Greek form Κανδακη and the Candacis of the Latin Vulgate, as it appears in the story of St. Philip baptizing the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts of the Apostles:
“And behold, an Ethiopian, a eunuch, a minister of queen Candace of Ethiopia, who was in charge of all her treasures, had come to Jerusalem to worship” -Acts 8:27

Queen Kandake
Queen of Ethiopians / Kushites / Nubians
She appears in Acts 8:27

How we heal

Skin Care and Hair Care

We formulate skin care and hair products enhanced with natural ingredients so that your self care routine becomes part of your daily hair and skin care routine

Self Care Soirees

Healing Circles

We arrange soirees for private groups and for public audiences to demonstrate easy and fun self care pratices

Self Care Social

Social Media

We share our experiences and tips through blogs, podcasts and social media channels

Why the focus on self healing?

Women’s Roles in the Modern Era

We’re lucky to live in an era where women can take on any role they wish. However, this also means more responsibility since the core “female” roles are still expected of women. As women, we can do it all, just not at the same time, and certainly not without strong support systems. For most of us, we were never taught on what self healing is, how to do it and why it is important

Giving from empty vessels

Many women identify as givers, nurturers and healers – but for the primary benefit of others. With the demands being placed on women, this often means that they empty their vessels in giving and end serving from an empty cup. In real life this translates to physical and psychological depletion manifesting in illness or psychosis

Increase in mental illnesses

Globally there is an increase in mental illness. Several factors can be attributed to this, and although I am not a psychologist, I sought therapeutical help myself in a time when I was exceptionally depleted. The best suggestion I received from my therapist was to focus on self care, fill up my vessel and nourish my soul so that I can serve holistically and lovingly, not from a place of lack

This healing energy that you have is a gift – to yourself