Love is the
most healing force in the world. -Osho

Many of us feel called to a path of healing.  We strive to heal ourselves internally so that we may feel more whole.  

As we heal, we go through a process of deeply examining and deconstructing patterns, beliefs, and emotional wiring.

The healing journey can be an intense ride, at House of Kandake, we aim to provide a safe space and openess to support you through this journey

Free Sessions for
Essential Service Providers

We’re offering 3 free holistic healing sessions to Essential Service Providers.  
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Heal through the 
holistic meditations 

The holistic healing meditations are for those on the journey of self love and healing. The guided meditations are voiced over harmonic binaural beats and sound healing frequencies that speak to the soul. The meditations are available for free and downloadable on YouTube and SoundCloud

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About us

What is a Kandake?
Kandake or Kentake was the title for queens regnant of the ancient Kingdom of Kush in the Nile Valley. It is a derivative of the word Candace, a Meroitic language term for “queen or queen-mother”.
Ancient Greek
Candyce, Candace, Candice, Candis


Book a private 
holistic healing session

Book a private holistic healing session with an internationally licensed holistic healer at a time that suits you. All sessions are focused on developing a healing practice that is tailored to your individual healing journey

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